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Our Projects and Clients

Below we provide an overview of projects that are implemented by ALCO on behalf and/or in partnership with international organizations, NGOs and the Afghan Government:


Land Records Modernization Project (LRMP) - Harakat Foundation

Sponsored by the Harakat Foundation, ALCO received funding to implement the Land Records Modernisation Project (LRMP) on 5 October, 2009 to improve tenure security through the registration of property rights by:

  • Assisting the Supreme Court with completing the computerization of archived property deeds in Afghanistan;
  • Extending the current computer-based deed registration system to include the registration of mortgages;
  • Maintaining a secured computer-based central registry of property deeds which protects investors from fraudulent transactions, competing claims, and forced eviction leading to financial loss; and
  • Enhancing the confidence of the public in the formal court registration system and increasing revenues generated from property transactions.



Topographical and Boundary Survey Plan of US Embassy Expansion Site in Kabul

The Afghan Land Consulting Organization (ALCO) has been asked by the US State Department to conduct an accurate technical and legal boundary and topographical survey plan of the US Embassy expansion site in Kabul city and to help certify the survey plan by Afghan Geodesy and Cartography Head Office and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan.

ALCO, with coordination of AGCHO, started the survey plan of the US Embassy expansion site in October 2009 and the project was completed by mid November 2009.

This survey plan will help the US Government with the accurate location of the 15 Jireeb land that was transferred by the Afghanistan Government to US Government in July 2009 for the US Embassy expansion program in Kabul.