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Mission Statement

ALCO is a not-for-profit, non-political and non governmental organization established under the 2005 NGO Law with the purpose to help Afghan citizens acquire and protect their land rights. ALCO's mission statement focuses on:

  • Providing legal and technical counsel to vulnerable citizens in defending their property claims before Afghan courts;
  • Working with governmental organizations - notably Courts, Amlak, Cadastre, Municipalities, Huquq, Ministry of Urban Development, etc. – in solving land issues in Afghanistan;
  • Conducting educational programs aimed at enhancing the knowledge of the general public about the land legal framework in Afghanistan. This includes sensitization workshops for community leaders, lectures at Universities for students and governmental officials, and the production of land rights manuals and best practices;
  • Working with donors on programs where land right issues may be an issue by utilizing our expertise implementing development programs with a focus on the development and well-being of Afghan communities.