A Shura Adjudicating Land Rights

Welcome to the website of ALCO, an Afghan non-governmental organization which has been established by and for the Afghan people.

Our Mission

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We are specialized in community-based land management and reform programs with a focus on helping Afghan citizens utilize and defend their land rights.


We provide legal and technical counsel to vulnerable citizens in defending their property claims before Afghan courts. At the same time, we work closely with government organizations including courts, the Amlak, Cadastre, municipalities, Huquq, Ministry of urban development and many others in solving land issues faced by the poor in Afghanistan.

In partnership with Polytechnic University, our experts also conduct educational programs aimed at enhancing the knowledge of the general public about the legal framework for land in Afghanistan.

Other services include legal land due diligence, GIS/mapping workshops and training programs and community-based planning programs.

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ALCO was spun-off from the USAID funded Afghanistan Land Titling and Economic Restructuring Activity (LTERA) and was founded by former LTERA employees in August 2009.

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